From my stash

I have a rather big fabric stash. Bought at the market or thrift shop, or handed to me from people that know I 'm happy to receive it. But lately it was just lying there and I was actually considering getting rid of most of it.
Luckily the green bag changed all that. I'm inspired to make things again.
This is what is left of a piece of fabric that has been lying in my closet for two, maybe even three years.

It was about 1.5 meter of thick cotton with a large print. I think it was part of a curtain.

This is what I made of it.

:: a giant grocery bag

(and I do mean giant It easily holds three A4 binders)

:: a small library bag (big enough for a few books)

:: and a fun purse

I used my serger. Fun and fast. Not that I need all those bags, but I rather have a stash of bags than a stash of fabric. Those bags usually find homes pretty fast.


  1. Hoi! Ik zag dat er iemand via jouw blog op de mijne gekomen was, en nieuwsgierig als ik ben kwam ik natuurlijk ook even bij jou kijken.

    Wat maak je leuke dingen, zeg!! Ik ga je blogjes lezen hoor!!!

  2. @creadientje: Dank je wel! En wat leuk dat je me gevonden hebt. Zoals je ziet lees ik jouw blogjes ook. (ik heb alleen iets raars met reageren bij jou, dan kom ik ineens van een heel oud wordpress account - volgende keer nog eens proberen)


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