In my knitting basket

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This used to be my knitting basket, but the cat decided it's his place to sleep and he's not amused (understatement) when I try to get to my knitting.
So I decided it was time to find myself a new basket. Not an easy task, since I needed something with a lid to prevent the cat from moving his naps into my knitting.

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I found the perfect one and it's already quite full, since I had a case of startitis.

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The purple cardigan I started last december. It's coming to an end, but I wanted to work on something else too (I heard that helps with the pain in my hands).

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Soulemama released a new hat pattern. And since I loved the other one so much, I had to try this one asap.

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I found this real wool at the thriftstore, two colors of the same brand. I want to make a sweater from it. For me. Again. I know, so selfish.

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But this one will be for my husband. I am planning to make a sweater for every one, but I'm not sure that will really happen.

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I also am into crochet again. I'm not very good at it, but I like making granny squares. And I loved these colors together, so I decided to make a giant granny to make a spread for our bed. I have my work cut out for me for a while...

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Also in the basket: a zippered pouch a dear internet friend send me, that I use to hold my notions.

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