Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Making piles

20100707 (7) (Small)

To inspire myself to finally get sewing on projects that are half-finished or not even started yet, I sorted all my fabric yesterday and made piles of projects I want to work on first.
It's quite a lot.

20100707 (1) (Small)

:: I want to make skirts of these fabrics

20100707 (2) (Small)

:: quilts for the girls (bought that fabric last year, still not started)

20100707 (3) (Small)

:: not sure. Bags maybe. Or more quilts.

20100707 (4) (Small)

:: this will be quilt too. I think.

20100707 (6) (Small)
:: brought these from South Africa. I thought for quilts, but it's not cotton and the prints are too big. Maybe bags. Especially the white should be fun for that.

20100707 (Small)

:: a second pillowcase quilt. I really need to finish this one.

If you look close at the first picture you'll see some blue. I added that later, to make a gift for someone. I think I'll start with that...

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