Hobby and work

20100728 (1) (Small)

20100728 (Small)

(and too little time for both)

Strawberry Rhubarb jam

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20100726 (Small)

20100726 (3) (Small)

20100726 (2) (Small)
(this recipe and no, not our own strawberries. Needed way more than I can grow)

a quilt in the making

Of course there are patterns one can follow. That would be wise, even. But I usually just start cutting with a vague idea in my head and then I need the floor to lay it out and see how it's going to come together...

20100721 (1) (Small)

20100721 (Small)

A bag to give

For someone who didn't have a clue what to ask for her birthday:  a bag with lots of pockets, in her favorite color, big enough for A4 (she's a teacher) and not too fuzzy, but with some embelishment.
She loved it (phew! I'm still insecure about making gifts)

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20100720 (Small)

Being productive

20100719 (1) (Small)

:: hand sewing on a bag (I'll show the whole bag tomorrow)

20100719 (2) (Small)

:: cutting fabric for a quilt

20100719 (3) (Small)

:: some knitting

20100719 (4) (Small)

:: some writing (experimenting with writing by hand)

20100719 (5) (Small)

20100719 (Small)

:: and more cutting inside

Caught in the act

20100715 (Small)

So that's who's been eating my cherries...


I don't like my picture being taken. I never like the result. But now there was no reason to say no when T. said he'd take pictures of the skirts I made. I'm on my perfect weight, my hair was clean. I drank some wine, that helps.
So. This is me.
And the skirts I made.
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20100714 (5) (Small)


20100713 (Small)

Rembember? Sorting all those photographs?
It's done.

Everything is sorted into albums. Doesn't that look great?


20100712 (2) (Small)

I found a little stranger in the bathroom today.

20100712 (Small)

Nope, you can't go up.

20100712 (1) (Small)

I took him outside, but he wasn't thankful enough to pose for a picture...


20100709 (Small)

with my hands in the dirt. Always works.