The front garden

Documenting it looking nice and clean before it explodes again ;-)

20100526 (1) (Small)

20100526 (Small)

Birthday books

 20100516 (Small)

For my birthday we went to a book market and I got to buy all the books I wanted (within a budget). That was a great gift!

20100516 (1) (Small)

Vintage sewing notions

My sister brought these from a client who was throwing them out. I guess she knows me well...

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20100507 (2) (Small)

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20100507 (4) (Small)

20100507 (Small)

Hexagon update

20100505 (1) (Small)

20100505 (2) (Small)

20100505 (Small)

Still having fun. Not thinking about how many I have to make for a quilt though...

So cold

20100503 (Small)

Wearing a fleece cardigan in May... And a few weeks ago it was such nice weather...