Sorting the books

20100427 (Large)

One of my favorite chores

First time this year

20100419 (Large)

Hoping many will follow


20100416 (Large)

Yes, I do have a room to work in, but I sometimes prefer the couch, right smack in the middle of family life.

New pillows

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20100412 (3) (Large)

20100412 (Large)

I love them so much. Our living room could use a bit of color.
Sadly my family members don't like pillows in their backs, so they're susally with the other ones on the ground. Oh well.

20100412 (1) (Large)

Ballet sewing

20100409 (Large)

One of the girls bought pointes and asked me to sew on the ties. Reminds me of my childhood dreaming...


A little update…

20100408 (Large)

I still like making them.