Thursday, March 11, 2010

Embroidery, bags and patchwork

After the first one that I liked so much, I cut into another embroidered piece from the little suitcase.

20100311 (3) (Large)

20100311 (4) (Large)

And after that I used one of my own little drawings.

 20100311 (5) (Large)

20100311 (6) (Large)

20100311 (2) (Large)

20100311 (7) (Large)

Gevoerd met een schattig uilenstofje

20100311 (Large)

In the meantime I aslo messed around with my Anna Maria Horner scraps (and the pieces of the bag I dismantled again - it didn't work at all). It's not enough for a quilt, but pillowcases should be possible.

20100311 (1) (Large)

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