Signs of spring :: lunch outside and lots of color

20090320 (1) (Small)

Yes, really! I did lunch outside. And it wasn’t too cold either. I hope this was the first of lots and lots of meals outside.

20090320 (2) (Small)

To celebrate Equinox I bought myself some new plants (of course, that’s what I usually do for seasonfestivities). Don’t you love those colors? I wasn’t able to pick one colorway, so instead I decided to take ten different colors. I think it looks great!

I think something really is changing now. More light, more energy. I have been getting a great lot of my todo-lists done yesterday and today. I even took a little time to whip up this little pouch as a present for my sister-in-law.

Wishing you all a happy Equinox and a very good weekend!