Monday, February 16, 2009

Chaos of gulls

20090216 (Small)

Sometimes I feel like my thoughts are like these birds.
Too many, too fast, too chaotic. There is so much happening right now!

Can you guys keep a little secret? I am still not feeling like real writer. I do not feel confident enough to present myself and my book to the public.I have to start sending out invitations for my book presentation, but I honestly feel like I would like to get to bed, pull some blankets over my head and just stay there until things are over. And I’m not even really thinking about the speech thing yet…

The guest blogging is great, but it takes a lot of time, because some people are asking interesting questions that I really want to answer the right way. So much different from just chatting with some blogging friends!

It’s not the best time to be writing another novel too. I am getting absorbed in the story, which would be fine if there weren’t so many other things to be dealt with. And putting it aside is no option too. My main character is heading for so much trouble, that I feel like I want to keep writing until there is someone to get her out of it.
Yes, I am crazy…

So…I just realized that this is the safest place for me to let go of some of my doubts. So I just did. You are all so supportive, even while you will not be able to read my books. Thanks so much for that. I wish I could write a story for you in English. May be I will, someday…

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