Friday, February 27, 2009

A bunch of things

Uhm, yeah. More daffodils. I’m so in love with that color!
Staring at them, trying to take good pictures, made me realize something important. I was thinking if a picture of a single daffodil would show their beauty better than the whole bunch of them. I do that a lot, taking pictures of single flowers. I like it better that way.

20090227 (1) (Small)

But then it occurred to me that this was symbolic for my life at the moment. My life is full, so very full that I sometimes feel like pulling back and closing the door on all of it. I would like to have things happen one at a time, one single event after another.
But all that is happening to me lately is good stuff (well, most if it). And I think I need to learn to appreciate the bunch of it. I can’t have life feed me things (good or bad) one at a time. I need to take it how it comes. Even if it means that I feel totally overwhelmed every once in a while.

20090227 (2) (Small)

So, another very busy week behind me, a lot of things to do this weekend and another full week after that. But it is all good stuff again, so I am just going to take a step back and enjoy the whole bunch!

20090227 (Small)

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