Toys for charity

20090115 (Small)

My head is so full today. Useless stuff like buggy forums and blogs, but also useful things, like the place I visited this morning for the newspaper.
These are the pet toys that our local radio station had collected to give to the Edukans shoebox project.
When my kids were in elementary school they participated in that project too. Every kid fills a shoebox with writing materials, toy and soap or other toiletries. The boxes all get checked by volunteers to see if there is enough in the boxes (and off good quality), where necessary things are added and than the box is sent to children in third world countries.
It is such a good way for children to connect to less fortunate people!
These pet toys are going into the boxes and those that are too big will be sent off to orphanages or will be sold to collect money to buy other things that are needed.
This is the second time I will be writing about this project and it is getting more and more to me. I think there is a chance that I will be checking the boxes next year…