Our kitchen really is the heart of the house. Literally. It is in the middel of the house and it connects the livingroom to the rest of the house.
It is kind of hard to give it a good cleanup though, because there are always family members passing by, getting a drink, looking for something to eat or helping the cat spread hairs (I love that cat, but he is loosing so many hair I figure he should be bald by now - he isn’t).
Last week the kitchen was in the same state the rest of my house was, not too dirty, but in need of some attention. Time seems to slip away so fast these days, I have that feeling of chasing after everything that needs to be done.
This morning I was alone in the house, a very rare occasion. So the first thing I did was clean the kitchen. Which was great, without any interruptions. It even inspired me to clean the rest of the house too, so maybe I can relax for the weekend.
Uhm, if I finish doing some paperwork which I am about to start right now. But at least I’m feeling like I’m in control again…