20091227 (Small)

That's not what it's meant for! (bread basket!)

More Christmas

20091226 (Small)


20091225 (Small)

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas!

Snow and ice

20091217 (1) (Small)

20091217 (2) (Small)

20091217 (3) (Small)

20091217 (4) (Small)

20091217 (Small)

Unusual for us this time of year, so I'm actually enjoying it.


IMG_0208 (Large)

The base is fake pine, the rest of the branches are from the garden

In my kitchen

20091216 (1) (Small) 

Some stew

20091216 (Small)

and homemade bread

In my kitchen

Preparations for a seventeenth birthday

Handmade for Sinterklaas

I had those hats, but that was about it this year, sadly.

I made this zippered pouch at request.

And some last minute napkin "rings" (the napkins were already seamed and ready to use)

For her brushes


One of the girls is studying to be a make-up artist. She asked if I could think up something to hold her hair brushes and combs. Well, of course! Glad to help!