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Ten things I loved about 2008

1- the inspiration I got from Amanda Soule to start taking daily pictures

2- the blog I started to post those pictures, but that has grown into a place where I can share some thoughts and craftiness too

3- the friends I made blogging, some visiting and commenting almost daily (hi Elizabeth) and some dropping in regularly (uhm, is it wise to name people? I don’t want anyone to feel left out – just know all your visits and comments are appreciated very much)

4- the house I love becoming more and more the home I wanted it to be, wooden flooring and the (fake) fireplace being on top of the dreams-come-true-list.

5- the good amount of sunny weather we got this year and also how I learned to appreciate other types of weather (ha! I wanted a sunny picture to go with this, but New Year’s Eve is traditionaly foggy – the cobwebs look great though)

6- the thrifty finds (latest one: this colorful apron)

7- the excitement of preparing a book to be printed (continuing in 2009)

8- watching my kids becoming the adults they soon will be, but still being able to guide them a little (or at least that’s what I hope I’m doing)

9 – watching my husband enjoying the growth of his business

10 – the completing of so many crafting projects, the fun I have using some of them and the fun of giving a lot of them away  (I’m saving a big giveaway right here for my first year blogaversery though). I am so glad I stopped trying to sell them (but never say never…) and instead gave most of the frustrating bags away. That feels so much better!

Wishing you all a wonderful 2009!