Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sinterklaas crafting

We had a wonderful weekend. There was a lot of catching up, laughter and being together.
I made everyone (14 persons) a zippered pouch and filled it with some small gifts. It was quite a challenge to find such little things, but I think I did okay.

20081206 (1) (Small)

20081206 (2) (Small)

The knitting didn’t go too well. I was so tired these last weeks that I only finished nine squares. I wanted all the families to have a set of potholder, which would be two squares sewn together, but then I should have made sixteen squares. So I decided that my mother got two sets. She mentioned she needed potholders a few weeks ago, so she was very happy with them.

20081206 (3) (Small) - Copy

The pattern is simple, it’s Grandmother’s Favorite Dishcloth, only I knit until I had 60 stitches to make a nice big square. Got the idea from her.

20081206 (Small)

So… now it’s time to think about Christmas! No rush to make presents, just a bit of decorating. I think I’m finally ready to hibernate. Uhm… and there is the “little” thing of a sixteenth birthday coming up…

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