We had a wonderful Christmas! It was quiet and peaceful, just what we needed.
I had a lot of fun cooking good meals (but forgot to take kitchen-pictures) and we had even more fun sharing the food with family.

On Christmas Eve we had a nice diner, just us and the kids, and we shared some modest presents (a book for Theo and dvd’s for the girls).

20081224a (1) (Small)

Of course we listened to my favorite Christmas music. I love Jim Reeve’s voice, but the record also holds special meaning to me. My parents have one too. They played it every Christmas and each time they did, they told us kids they bought it at the first Christmas they spent as a married couple. As a teenager I thought that was so romantic!

20081224a (Small)

We don’t have Christmas-stuff that goes back to when we first were married, but that tablecloth is from the first year we really started celebrating Christmas again (1996, the same year we bought the tree).

20081224b (Small)

Christmas Day we had a slow breakfast at home, than went for coffee and a quick lunch to my sister-in-law’s who had the whole family over. At four we drove home again and I started cooking for diner with my parents. I had the biggest turkey I ever cooked (4,2 kg) but it worked out very good in only two hours thanks to Nigella.The cat also thought it smelled great…

20081225 (1) (Small)

The tablecloth we used for Christmas diner is the one my grandmother used on the kid’s table when we had family Christmas diners. I can vaguely remember those, I think they stopped when I was about ten years old. The tradition of giving a book or music (or dvd – “something meaningful”) was also initiated by my grandparents. Traditionally in my family and the village we grew up in, it was not done to give presents at Christmas.

20081225 (Small)

The second day of Christmas (yes, that’s an official holiday here! We also have two Easterdays and two Pentecostdays) we stayed at home and lounged all day. Just reading, watching a few Christmasmovies, knitting, taking a quick walk (it was sunny but sooo cold), relaxing, eating christmas cookies, drinking hot chocolat and soup.

20081226 (Small)

It was good!