Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We sneaked out

I love the internet, but one of the things that I think is really scary, is that you think you write for a few people you slowly get to know, but in reality the whole world can read along. So if I would post about going away for the weekend, it might be possible that someone takes advantage of that. In a world where adds to announce burials are used to plan burglaries (imagine returning home to an emptied house after burying your loved one – it’s awful, but true!) I think it is not overreacting to be very careful, especially if you leave three almost-but-not-yet-grown-up girls behind.
So, I sneaked out on you guys. We left Sunday and returned last night. The last two posts were scheduled ahead.
(I do schedule ahead posts when I am home, but very busy, so that is not the key to finding my house empty!)
We really needed a little time away from home and work and I booked on rather short notice (last Tuesday) on I just clicked “book it” on the first picture I liked. Looks cozy, doesn’t it?

A bit of a risk, but it turned out really well. Only a four hour drive away and we found ourselves in completely different surroundings. Woods, hills, clean air, silence… We both feel rested and recharged. So good!

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