Thursday, November 20, 2008


Looking for something to take a picture of today, I realized how important nature really is for me. Even when I feel exhausted (it comes and goes and comes again) I always find something to hold on to in nature.

20081120 (1)

The ever changing looks of the cherry tree for instance. Now bare, but still beautiful. Promising a new cycle of green leaves and white blossom in spring, after some much needed rest.

20081120 (Small)

And the happy colors of the violet. It is growing safely in my little garden, a small strip next to the house. Enjoying a bit of rain, basking in the few rays of sun, sheltered from too much cold and wind by the walls of our house.

Nature always helps me to look beyond my self pity, promising renewal, reminding me to make the best of this cold, gray and wet season.

So every day, even when it is cold, dark and rainy, I go outside, sometimes only for a few moments, to connect and feel the comfort nature can bring.

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