Yellow in and out

I like the “Year of Color” group on Flickr. It’s challenging to take pictures of a given color inside and outside every two weeks.
I made the challenge even bigger today. I love taking pictures of flowers and nature (ha! Who would have known?), but I have very little experience with urban material. So that’s what I went for outside.


I was in a part of our village that has had the streets broken up for years now (sewer problems, poor drainage). It seems they are getting ready to finish it. It’s about time.

For my inside picture I had a bit of trouble finding something yellow. I have some tins that are yellow, but that’s about it. So I turned to my bookcase.


Yellow pocketbooks, the yellow lid on the little jar of sand that I brought home from a very special place, and the paper of vintage magazines that turned yellow over time. It’s not a very good picture, but it holds a lot of things that are dear to me.

Of course I couldn’t stay away from the flowers. Surprisingly the flowers I bought yesterday have yellow inside and outside…