Monday, October 13, 2008

Ten things I'm loving right now

:: having enjoyed a lazy weekend: sitting, knitting, resting

20081013 (2) (Small)

:: this new Flickr group, making me feel like I could really sit with those other mama’s, sip some tea and chat.
:: my hair being long enough to braid it like this (yes, I know, need to practise a little bit more…)

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:: drinking tea. My favorites: greentea with lemon in the morning, Lipton Morocco in the afternoon and a cup of chamomile tea just before bedtime. I also love my newest thrifed teapot. Don’t you love that quirky looking lid?

20081013b (Small)

:: watching our cherry tree change over the seasons (I put the pictures I have made since March in a Flickr set, it will be fun to watch those pictures in a slideshow after a year or so)

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20081013 (Small)

:: my new camera (surprise!), making it even more fun to take pictures of everything everywhere.
:: knitting my very first sock. So now I’m a real knitter, isn’t it, Q. ?

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:: having a “season table” in the house.  I love how I can put my flowers on there, without having to worry about moving it around (from the diningroomtable where the kids want to make homework, to the coffeetable where it’s blocking the view to the tv, back to the diningroomtable until it’s time to eat etc.

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:: the way our cat makes the most out of the little sun we have these days

20081013a (Small)

:: finally being able to list ten things I love in one post. I’ve been loving Amanda’s ten-things-posts, found them really inspiring, but needed a lot of practise in “gratitude” before I could make it up to ten at once.

What are you loving today?

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