Tuesday, October 14, 2008


20081014 (Small)

So, it seems I’m not cut out for these give-aways. Now I have four lovely ladies who would like a hat. And I don’t want to disappoint any of them, since it means so much to me that someone even would like to have something I made.
I thought up something else and all four of you should have received an email about this by now.

The rose is totally unrelated. It’s in the neighbours garden. I love the intense red against the gray of the barn.

I do have a lot more to share, but I’m very busy. My publisher asked to send him my manuscript again, as soon as possible. But when I read through it a few weeks ago I found some mistakes. Which I (of course) didn’t bother to correct, since I thought it was already being processed by an editor.
You get the drift. I don’t want to send it off like this, so I have to read through it again tonight, find those mistakes, correct them and send out the manuscript before midnight (if possible)…

Phew, and here I was thinking it was so very easy to publish a simple novel…

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