New bag and sewing for Sinterklaas

It felt like ages since I last sat down to sew. No inspiration. But I was still using the bag I made myself last spring and I really needed something else. Of course I still had this one (the very first bag I made!) and this one (first with zipper), but I really liked the elastic pocket. That pocket was everything I hoped it to be. So easy when I’m working (I’m a freelance reporter) to be able to just pull out my notebook and pen, instead of having to open zippers or dig around in a big tote.
This bag has the same big elastic frontpocket, with small pockets for pens and my cellphone in it. Inside the main bag there are two zippered pockets and it closes with a zipper. I think I finally get the hang of putting in zippers!

20081022 (Small)

That’s why I went ahead and used up some of my bigger scraps to make these zippered pouches. I think I will make more, fill them with something appropriate for each family member and use them as gifts for Sinterklaas. (Um…I hope there are no family members who read this blog instead of or next to my dutch blog!) Oh yes, only six weeks left! I really need to start making and buying. Such fun!

20081022 a (Small)

Look at the mess I make when sewing! It started out in nice little piles, but it always ends up like this…