Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Knitting update

Um yeah. That pattern again. I know. It's getting ridiculous. I even used the same yarn as before, since I have quite a lot of it and I do like the result.

20081007 (2) (Small)

I also knit a matching scarf and matching fingerless mitts (basically just a tube with a slit for the thumb).

20081007 (1) (Small)

20081007 (3) (Small)

And I finally started a new, bigger project. Another sweater from the pattern book I knit that very first and the retro cardigan from.

20081007 (4) (Small)

20081007 (Small)

p.s. my camera died, I'm borrowing D.'s camera right now. I still have to get used to it.
p.s. 2  well yes, that's another one of those hats in purple. What can I say? I like that pattern.

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