I need your help

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Today I’m asking for your help. Look at the pumpkin I bought today. It isn’t feeling quite right, between my oh so dutch collection of vintage kitchen stuff. And that’s just the thing I need help with.  We do get pumpkins (edible ones - the very little cute ones for decoration are much more common) here since a few years and I’d love to cook something with it like pumpkins soup, or pumpkin pie.
I tried cooking with a pumpkin before and it ended up… well…quite a disaster. I know now that you use the stuff close to the outside, and throw the seedy inside away like you would with a melon. 
But now I still don’t know what to do with it. There are so many recipes around, but I get overwhelmed by them, since these are all based on some knowledge of how-to-cook-a-pumpkin. Also, I’m not sure about the difference between squash and pumpkins.

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Anyway, I think my american blogfriends know much more about pumpkins, so I thought I’d ask you guys. What’s your favorite (easy) recipe with a little pumpkin? This one is 1,8 kilo’s/ 4 pounds. Will that be enough (there are five of us) or do I need to go and look for a bigger one?

Thanks in advance!