Monday, October 20, 2008

Computer free

Last week was full of computer related work and projects. Add that to my normal internet addiction and you get a severe case of “square eyes”. So I decided it was time for a computer free weekend.
I have to admit, I did have some symptoms of withdrawal, but I managed to keep my promise.
It’s a bit shameful to realize how much more time I had for other things now!
I did a lot of knitting:
I finished the second sock

20081020 (Small)

the back of my pullover and half the front

20081020a (1) (Small)

I also suddenly had the energy to start rearranging things in the house. That little table I mentioned last week? I liked what was on top of it, but the look of that table against that wall was just not it.
Also I felt I needed a little place to sit and work. Not having the computer next to me on the couch would really help me to be more mindful about what I do online and how long I do it.
So I got Theo to help me get this little closet down from our bedroom, where it was just sitting, overly stuffed, but not used as the cute little writing space it can be. The table is upstairs now, holding all our photo albums.
Look, my very own workspace!

20081020a (Small)

I also rearranged some closets. This summer my grandmothers cupboard had to be removed from the living room to the hallway. We were going to buy a wood burner and put it right where that plant is, but it’s too expensive for this year’s budget. Still, we think the cupboard is too big. It used to be my crafting storage, but I thought I wouldn’t like having my stuff in the hallway, so I took a little space in the other cupboard. The largest part of my stash was in our bedroom, in plastic bins on top of our cloths closet. It wasn’t working out. So I reclaimed my grandmother’s cupboard. I’m so happy about it! It feels like my stuff just belongs there. I’m now looking for a small or foldable table, so I can do (some of) my sewing there.

20081020b (Small)

Oh, almost forgot. I also made a new pillowcase for two old head pillows (when they need to be replaced on the bed, I use them on the couch) from the little crocheted blanket I made this year. I was just looking at the uncovered pillows, thinking I really needed to do something with it and than suddenly this idea came up. I really had no use for this blanket, but now it looks like this was what I wanted to do with it from the start!

20081020 (1) (Small)

Well……I think next weekend will be computerfree too!

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