I’m not good at doing things commercially. My Etsy shop was very frustrating to me and the little business I had five years ago (selling home made bathsalts and other aroma-therapeutic products) didn’t work out either. Still, I’m always eager to try.

Here’s what I have been working on for a while now and have finished working all day on it yesterday: my very own photo calenders.

I know, Amanda Soule beat me to it, but honestly, I was already working on it! I got the inspiration from her birdproject last year, and started thinking these would be presents for my family. But since it’s so easy selling stuff through Lulu and I do get so many nice reactions to my pictures lately, I thought I’d try it. And than that post of hers came along. First I was about to drop the whole project, but than i realized that was a dumb thing to do. There are many, many more people selling calenders on lulu.com and the pictures I chose are completely different from hers. So, I’m absolutely not trying to copy her. Also, I’m completely aware of the fact that I can in no way compete with her (well-deserved) popularity. This is just me, trying something new.
First I did the flowers, the picture above is the cover of that one. And than I was browsing my pictures to see what other theme I could do. And that’s where the cats came from. Featuring four of the five cats that have lived with us, but I think other cat-lovers will like the pictures too. Just hop over to my store at lulu.com and look at the previews if you’re curious. Both calenders are available in a dutch and an american version (the difference is in language and listed holidays).

I will also be uploading some of my favorite pictures for downloading or printing Requests will be uploaded for the same price as the ones already there.
(a promise is a promise though, Elizabeth, I will still send you that file if you want me to)

On other “business” news: I sent out the manuscript last night, so it should be in the works now. I added a little synopsis to the bookpage at my website if you’re interested.