Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Quilttop, finally finished

I seem to have lost my creative flow lately. Maybe I need to reconsider where my stuff goes. It’s kind of hidden now and I seem to forget about the things I’m making. But maybe it just this phase of “not feeling very well” I am going through (this too will pass, this too will pass…).
Anyway, today I finally got my act together and made something. Remember the quiltsquares? They were fun to make and I even made some more, but the squares didn’t look right to me. The pillowcases just didn’t have the right combinations of colors and prints.  So I decided to use the vintage pillowcases for a simpler design and wait with the stars and other fun designs until I can buy better quilting fabrics.
I cut the squares during my summerbreak and I even managed to sew them into pairs. And than I forgot about them for a month.

20080923 (1) (Small)

Today I remembered and I finished the quilttop. I did all the sewing on my vintage sewingmachine and I am finally getting the hang of that too. I am quite pleased with how it looks. I am going to back and bind it with a vintage sheet I have (yay! more stash busting!).

20080923 (2) (Small)

Now I need to get myself some batting and finish the quilt. I think I’ll leave it on top of the closet to remind myself…

20080923 (Small)

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