Friday, July 11, 2008

Teatray got promotion

20080711 (Small)

I bought this vintage foldable teatray months ago. I fell in love with it at first sight. I have always wanted a teatray (is that what it’s called? – it’s more like a little carriage) and this was just my taste. I must have been very modern in the late sixties I think. And it’s red, my new favorite thriftingcolor. (I have been buying greens for years, but lately it is all red). Also it was cheap, only 2 euros. So I took it home.
I have always been picturing using one of these while having a tea party. Elegantly pouring some tea, handing it over to my guests and presenting cookies and cake.
Um, yeah. I never have teaparties. I hardly get any visitors and when I do we drink coffee. We’re dutch, you know? Dutch people drink a lot of coffee. DH and I love very strong coffee, so we have a automatic coffeemaker. One of those things that grinds the coffee fresh before every cup you make. No need to pour anything, just put the cup under it.
Anyway, no chances to use a teatraything. It is foldable, but it was a bit “in the way” most of the time. I have this rule, not to buy or hold on to anything that I cannot find a good place for. So it had to go. I have made trips to the thriftshop several times to drop off things, but always “forgot” about my little red teatray.
And it was a good thing I did. After the floorincident we rearranged the furniture in the living room. And suddenly we found ourselves needing a place for our tv, stereo and dvd player. Preferably as small as possible and with wheels, so we could easily move it around.
Ha! I said, pulling the teatray from it’s hiding place. Let’s try this!
I thought dh would not like it, but he does. So now our little obsolete teacarriage had been promoted,
We love the way it looks, it makes the tv more casual. It looks like it’s just sitting there for a while, not dominating the room and demanding people to look at it. I like that.
(taking pictures of it was a challenge, I wanted to show you the nice design, not our electronics – this was the best I could do)
(thanks to Barbara for inspiring this post)

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