Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What I love: sewing time

I love sewing. Which is not a surprise for anyone who has been reading the archives here.
I have been sewing since I was nineteen, but this love is a lot younger. Since last year I have been sewing like crazy. Inspiration from all over the internet!
It has been a little frustrating to find the time to sew though. We have absolutely no room that I can claim as my own and we don’t even have the room for a sewingtable. I have to use the diningtable. When nobody else is using it, that is. And when nobody else is in our livingroom trying to work, do homework , or watch tv. I have been complaining about that here before, haven’t I? (yes, I do have a handsewing machine now, but I still learning to use it)
I am slowly coming to grips with this lack of space and my jealousy of others who do have sewingrooms. I just try to sneek in as much sewing time as I can. When the kids are at school and dh is off to a client I let everything hang and pull out my sewing machine.
I do have to let go of a bit of guilt (there always are other things that I should be doing) but I love these little hours of creating.
This morning I made a skirt and a shirt (I like how that rhymes). I traced my favourite vintage skirt as a “pattern” and the skirt was made very quickly. I even got the zipper in at the first try! It only took me about an hour to start and finish the whole thing!

Then I started working on a dress, but I got frustrated when I got to the buttonholes. Since I won’t be able to fit in it anyway until I loose those pounds I have been talking about for months, I put it aside. (I did not make the dress that small intentionally, that’s just what you get sometimes by “winging” things).
So I traced a simple sleeveless shirt and thought I would finish that even faster than the skirt. But I had some issues with the neckline, so I had to change that four times. The fabric was so much stiffer than that of the original shirt (it’s a stretchy cotton, but not that stretchy) that it looked bulky, so I added a belt and beltloops.
I think it’s kind of nice now. Both the pink and the blue fabric are the same print, but I don’t think they work together. So I’ll wear a white shirt with the skirt and I think I’ll make a blue skirt to match the shirt.
Oh yes. I love sewing time and I love it when things work out the way I wanted (let’s forget about that dress for now)!
(I also like how I unintentionally managed to take a picture that doesn’t show the disassembled computer that is taking up half the table…)

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