Monday, June 2, 2008

These flowers

Things are getting a little crazy here. They do every year. The third (and last) in a row of three birthdays in a month is tomorrow.
I have the stupid habit of wanting things to be perfect for the few visitors we get. I don’t want to get into details here, but some of those visits are trying, due to … well, I guess every family has its problems. I never can prepare myself the way I want to, mostly because this is also the time we start new projects around the house.
Right now, our new swimmingpool is filling up. That means there is a hose that goes from my shower, through the hall, into the kitchen and than through the window outside. Also the backgarden is a mess. We made room for the pool, but we have a lot of work to do to make it look like a nice place instead of a pool in a muddy mess.
Anyway, just have to bake a cake and get the house a bit in order. And than the whole birthday thing will be over until december, which is another story for another time. Making my life even more stressful around this time is the tests and projects the daughters have to finish at school (D. and E. spent most of the weekend editing and printing, while we were digging), lots of extra work (spring is just the time things to write about are happening in the village) and very instable weather. It has been very cold, it has been rainy, it has been nice and sunny, and now it is hot and moist. We’re all feeling exhausted and are hopefully expecting a thunderstorm this evening.
In times like these I love my garden (what’s left of it, out front and on the side of the house). Flowers coming up and blooming in the most beautiful delicate colours just give me that little bit of “stop and smell the roses (those are budding too now!) feel” that helps me to get through this month.

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