Thursday, June 12, 2008

Teenage mess

Yes, I promised to take pictures of the bags and I did. But I have to sort those, measure the bags, write descriptions for etsy etc. So while you wait for that (I’ll just pretend someone is) I thought I’d keep another promise. A real everyday picture. I have been drifting to taking nice pictures instead of snapshots, but here’s a real life one. I didn’t rearrange anything, I just snug in and took the picture.
This is D.’s room. It’s messy (though the other two rooms are messier - I will show you later), but so her.
The postcards and one of her own drawings on the board, the silver dresser, the clean laundry that is never put away the same day I give it to her, the schoolbooks all over the desk that is supposed to be folded down when not in use, the mirror and all the nicknacks on the dresser…
It’s a better description of her personality than words can ever give…

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