Sunday, June 22, 2008

So much for a lazy summer

I should have known better…
Remember I was complaining about a rotting floor? We didn’t expect it to be this bad. This picture shows the result of a few kicks. Completely gone! So it all has to come out.

About noon the floor looked like this:

We got a little help from a friend and now about one third of the floorboards (old-fashioned planks this time, because waterproof OSB sheets were not good coping with the flooding we had previous summers) is in.

Today we will hopefully finish taking out the rest of the OSB and putting in the floorboards. And then we will do some redecorating since it is already a mess and all the furniture and stuff is spread through the house (piles of books beside my bed, the diningroom chairs stacked in the hall, things like that). We’re going to paint the walls, put new woodpanelling in and a laminate (I want real wood, but our budget doesn’t agree) floor.

Ha! A lazy summer indeed!

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