Monday, June 9, 2008

FO and WIP

(I don’t know if I love or hate all those abbreviations, but I’ll just go with the flow…)
Today was a perfect balance of work and play. I cleaned, did the laundry and caught up with the administration of our IT-company. And at the end of the day we had a nice meal on the roof, splashed around in the swimmingpool for an hour and basked in the sun to dry up.
But I don’t have any pictures of that.
So here’s the Branching Out scarf I finished two weeks ago. And next to that is my mega-giant- grannysquare blanket. Or at least that’s what it will be in a few weeks.. uhm months. I
know these are not the most beautiful colors one can think of, but I’m still finishing my stash, and making the best of it. I’m trying to see it as a challenge: making this pile of tangles (that’s how I bought it March 2007) into a pile of finished objects.
The green of the scarf is acceptable (a little greener than in the picture) and the blanket is getting enough contrast with the browns (I’m not a fan of the pinkish ecru stuff).

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