Friday, June 13, 2008


 17 years ago…

This post brought tears to my eyes… (yes, I’m sentimental, but read the comments, I’m not the only one).
It made me remember things and wanting to document them. (Amanda does that to me a lot).
We were very young when the twins were born (10 days before my 20th birthday, a month before his 22nd). Life did not prepare this daddy for his job. He was hardly an adult himself at the time. But he managed.
This picture shows exactly how. He took care of us, he protected us, provided for us and he worked so very hard to do that that he was often exhausted. But it was his own choice to do that and we got through those hard first years. Now he has grown up with the girls. He’s the man in our house, still the one who takes care, protects, provides and works real hard. He is the cornerstone of our little family.
Thank you for that, T. We love you!

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