Thursday, May 1, 2008

Not good enough

I planned to do a shop update today. Not that I ever sold anything, but a girl has to keep trying…
But lately I just can’t seem to get to some good sewingtime. And when I do I have to finish a dress (oh, forgot to show it all finished, will do that soon) or I have to sew curtains for our boat (still not been at the marine to hang them though), finish a bedspread (handsewing binding, blah!) or make covers for our couch (3 birthdays coming up, need to hide the burnmarks and spots on DH’s “office-space”).
Also I wanted to use up some of the fabrics that have been in my cupboard too long. I got rid of some of the really ugly ones (I know, I promised not to, but I’m glad I did), but there is still a bunch that is not that inspiring to me anymore.
I did cut eleven bags a few weeks ago and planned to sew them all in the week DH was on a bussiness trip, but that dress got in the way. And some headaches. I only finished two of them.
I planned to use some of my vintage fabrics too, but I’m so uninspired lately that I hesitate to cut into them.
Anyway. I have a purse, two totes and three fold-away marketbags. That’s not the big shop update I was looking for. I wanted it to be good and interesting so people would actually buy things.
So I’m delaying it another month.. Maybe even longer. I really need to sort this shopthing out…

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