Friday, May 23, 2008

Just me

20080523 (Small)

When I have to take pictures of people that I have interviewed they usually get a bit nervous. “I really don’t like getting my picture being taken.” they tell me. And I answer that I agree and I do think I am on the good end of the camera…
But today I got an email from my publisher that I needed to submit a picture of myself for my book and their coming list of publications. So I gave dh my camera and he started taking pictures.
I really really don’t like my pictures being taken. I look so old on them (don’t we all keep an image of ourself in our early twenties in our minds?), my laugh is funny and my eyes… And there is the fact that I’m still a bit suffering from the flu. I can really see the redness of my nose, and the extra deep eyes. But dh says this is how I look. Oh well.
This is not the one we sent to the publisher, but I think I like this one best. This is just me, grinning because dh is making me nervous waving that cameralens at me. May be I’ll send this one too, even though I think the background is too dark to be printed.
So anyway, there you have it. Just me.

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