I'm really trying...

20080528 (Small)

I started this morning by putting these parts of my furnace in the water to clean them, thinking I would go to my assignment for the newspaper, then take them out and clean the rest of the kitchen.
But the assignment took me way longer than I assumed, I had to call the taxoffice, which took me an hour and all I learned from that was that I had to write a letter to explain why I think they refunded too little. I wrote the letter, found out we had no envelopes and no stamps around the house, drove to the postoffice, ran some other errants, remembered I wanted to buy something special for DH’s birthday, couldn’t find that in the first nor in the second shoppingcenter I checked, landed myself in a traffic jam, got home, started my cleaning again.
Than the phone rang. DD M lost the keys to her bike. Could I come and pick her up? Well, I can’t let her walk 10 kilometers.
So I drove to the school, got into an other trafficjam, needed some fuel, bought M an icecream and was home around five.
Than I just took the stuff out of the water and just wiped it a bit. Cleaning thouroughly will have to wait for another day…