Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I actually made something today…

I finally made three of the nine bags I cut weeks ago. It took me all day, which is sad, because I thought I could do more (just basic totes)
I like the blue flowery tote best, although I think it needs a button.
Six more to go. Cutting out so many in front is not a good idea, I have learned that now. I like the process of creating something special during the whole cutting-sewing-changing_plans-cutting-sewing-thing and I miss that now. But I don’t want to waste those fabrics.
I’m really determined to use up most of my stash before buying anything anymore. But I’ve said that before and have been buying almost everything that is on the top shelve since than. Can’t resist those vintage finds. Should not go thrifting for a while…
I included my “good stash” in the picture to keep me interested.
First I want to finish the old fabrics (stuff I bought last year, but don’t really like anymore) than cut into the vintage lovelies I found over these last few months.
I want to try some thing more adventurous than these basic tote shapes too and I want to make a quilt of some of the pillowcases (most of them are too worn out to make into bags). Oh and there are still those dresses I want to make.
If only I could find more time to sew…

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