Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bed of daisies

20080520 (Small)

My MIL gave me this bedspread for my birthday last Friday. She actually made it herself in the 70’s and thought I might like it cause she noticed “I seemed to have a thing for old stuff.” Uhm, yeah I do.
I really like it. And I’m thrilled to have some real homemade family-vintage. My family is not that much into homemade things, sadly. There were pillows my grandmother embroidered, but I think most of those have been donated somewhere when she died. And there was this tablecloth my other grandmother embroidered, but that has gone too. I’m ashamed to admit I think I gave it away when we had a temporary change of tastes from vintage and thrifted into black and modern, about fifteen years ago. I have some hopes that maybe my parents still have it somewhere. I must ask them sometime.
There is a downside to this bedspread too: I now feel like I have to make the bed everyday. Which I don’t. The bed is usually a mess and I should be better off with covers like Amanda’s that look good crumpled up.
You can see that’s not really simple, due to a lack of “walking-around-the-bed-space”. But the room just isn’t any bigger. That’s our closet on the left. I was sitting on the dresser that’s on the wall opposite to the window to make this picture. Yep, that’s tiny. All the bedrooms in our house are like that.
But we thought the rest of the house and above all the view were totally worth it. And we still do.

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