Friday, April 4, 2008

Weaving in the ends

20080404 (Small)

I’m still weaving in… I calculated that there must be over 300 ends to weave in. Nine blocks, seventeen colorchanges, each leaving two tails. And some more, because I have been using up the really small balls first.
Oh well, we’ll get there over the weekend. Hopefully I will finish the last of my two “quilts-to-sleep-under” too. Just need to sew on the binding. But 1.40 m by 2 m is a lot of binding!

After that I will be on to doing something really fun. I received an invitation to send in design proposals for a book!
It says: “After doing Internet research and spotting your work, we’ve placed you on our prospective designer list.
Yay! I know there must be lots of people that received an invitation like this, but still, it’s some form of acknowledgement.
I really need that. I am somewhat (ha!) insecure about the things I make. I never think they are good enough. I admire other peoples creations but I’m never satisfied with mine. So, even if my design won’t make it into this book, receiving this invitation already has made my day!
(this is the work they're referring to)

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