Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I started these quilts way back in september. They were supposed to keep us warm during winter, replacing our very wornout sleepingbags (we use those as blankets) but things were not as easy as I thought.

Here’s what went wrong:
- the fabrics were too stretchy (I did try that before buying, but when I cut it into strips it seemed to get stretchier), and not in the same way, so things went kind of wonky, especially on the logcabin design.
- I don’t own a quilting foot or even a walking foot, so quilting was really hard. I couldn’t keep the back without ugly wrinkles and I’m not completely in the dents also (sometimes a bit next to it)
- I used extra thick batting, which will keep us warm, but was not a good idea craftwise, especially without a quilting foot.

It took me so long, because I got frustrated, tried to fix things only to make them worse etcetera. But our sleeping bags are really falling apart and I thought it would be a waste to throw all my work and the nice fabrics away. So last week I pushed through, ignored mistakes and finally finished them. Yay!


The first I finished. I pinned the whole thing, but you can see clearly the fabrics did not stay where they belonged. Also I have a big problem doing “random” piecing. I don’t like the way the orange is in a big block right there.


This is supposed to be a logcabin, but I should have organized those fabrics different, since now it looks like an hourglass. I cunningly tried to disguise the wonkiness by pretending I made the bed, but you can still see it…


I basted this one thoroughly so the quilting acutally went a bit better, maybe it would even have gone great if it hadn’t been so wonky.
I do like the way stitching in the dents makes a pattern on the back though.

So… Am I put off from quilting now?

No Way, I love it! (Yes, these were my first.)
But I’m going to by a quilting foot for my machine, use proper (at least non stretchy) fabrics and thinner batting the next time…

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