Painting eggs

When I was shopping I found a little set to decorate eggs. Very simple, just a few stencils and some markers. I thought it would be a nice way to add some decoration to the Easter table. Something simple that I could manage, because of course the girls were too old to want to paint eggs. Or so I thought.
I was wrong.

20080321a (1) (Small)

20080321a (Small)

And that reminded me of years ago, when every year, in the week before Easter all three of them invited a friend for a "spring party". First we painted eggs, then we ate pancakes. A simple tradition that felt very special to all of them. We heard a while ago that class mates were fighting among themselves about whose turn it was to be the friend that was chosen...
I didn't have a good camera those days and there aren't a lot of pictures, but I have these two. Good times.



and 1999: