Everyday pictures - 30

20080330 (Small)

This is my kitchen cupboard. It’s a mix of old and new stuff.
The black tins are thrifted. I got the big one from my mother last christmas and found some matching ones. They are filled with spare lamps and batteries. The top two tins on the right are vintage, the bottom one is fake vintage. When we got married somebody gave us some money to spend in a specific shop. There was not much we liked and we choose this big tin because it was the best we could find. I have used it ever since (17 plus years!) and have grown to love it..
My plates, cups and saucers are new, as are the huge soupbowls on the left. The green tablecloth is kind of vintage, I remember my mother using it when I was a kid, so it must be about 25 years old.

Oh, that is vintage, isn’t it? I guess I just don’t like to call things that were really mine when I was young vintage, it makes me feel old…