Friday, March 28, 2008

Everyday pictures - 28

20080328 (Small)

We got our cat from the animal-shelter last year He is at least ten years old, but lively and healthy. We enjoy our newest familymember very much, but there is a downside to accepting an older cat into your home…
He has certain habits from former homes and we can’t get rid of those without being way to harsh.
One of those habits is that he is used to hanging out on the kitchencounters. Our other cats (who we got very young) were not allowed on the counters, but he is on it constantly. He thinks of the sink as his personal waterbowl. And every bit of waste that ends up there (when rinsing dishes or pans) is checked out by him. He gets very upset when we clean that up before he got a chance to taste it…
Oh well, it’s kind of funny to see him like this. As long as he keeps his mouth out of my pans.

Uhm… He does, as long as we stay in the kitchen all the time while cooking. That does make things a bit complicated sometimes…

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