Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Everyday pictures - 25

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I always make the same mistake: I buy Easter candy (and also Sinterklaas candy) way too early. I try to be very reasonable about the amount I buy. Enough to enjoy it, but not overdoing it. Usually I manage to keep it from my sweettooth family until about a week before the big days, but than we (- they, I can’t eat sugar) go through my stash rather quickly. So just a day or two before the real holiday I give in. I don’t want to spoil the party and let Easter pass without chocolat and sugar. So I buy some more.
I buy too much, leaving us with lots to eat after the holiday has been long over. No complaints from the kids or DH but I like this kind of candy to be special for a few days only. Throwing it away would be a big waste, though. So I just sit their sugarboosts out a few more days. Uhm weeks , judging by the amount still left today.

Meanwhile I really enjoy the colour combination of my flowers, my vintage tin and the candy…

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