52 hats :: 18 - A ribbed top

I do like stripes, but sometimes you have to shake things up a bit, don't you think? This one was really fun to make. And I think it looks good too.

Curaçao :: More buildings

I know I did this before, but oh, Curaçao is full of beautiful old (and new) buildings and I love to take pictures of them.
I actually planned to go on a bit of a photo walk and take pictures of some old homes we drive by a lot on our way to the beach, but that never happened (it's on the list for the next time we're there). But I did manage to take pictures of these three. The blue one is my favorite.

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52 hats :: 17 - more stripes

Working through my scraps, so stripes is pretty much all I can do. But I don't mind. I like stripes ;-)

Oh, no!

I never meant to stop blogging, but somehow it happened.

These past two months were kind of weird. My husband had some health issues again, so we went through a lot of doctor visits and examinations. The last one was yesterday and we hope to hear next week whether or not he has a heart condition.
We did make our planned trip to Curaçao in June, but we weren't sure about going (because of this possible heart condition) until a few days before we went. But it was a good decision. He recovered quite well and is feeling a lot better than before we left. Our plan to move permanently to the island is stronger than ever and we picked up working on getting the house ready to sell where we left off in April.

I didn't knit much. In our last minute decision making I tossed some acrylic yarn in my suitcase, but that felt way too scratchy in the heat. So instead of knitting up a storm (as I hoped I would) in June, I fell behind in the one-hat-a-week thing. I also noticed I fell even further behind in posting the hats I did make. What can I say, except what I already said: weird months.

Anyway, I'm trying to catch up again. I prepared hat posts and will be posting them in the days (weeks) to come, but I will also try to blog about other things.
I have to admit though I once again feel like I've lost my blogging voice, so please bear with me while I try to find it ;-)

Not a mystery anymore

(warning: spoilers ahead. Don't scroll down if you want to knit this as a mystery)

I finished the MMKAL!
Even though last week wasn't the best week for knitting, I caught up. By Friday I finished the fourth clue before the epilogue came out. The epilogue was a fun story and the pattern was a little bit frightening at first. I mean... over 78" of purled i-cord? Man!
But it turned out i-cord knitting isn't that bad. In fact the simple, repetitive knitting was just what I needed. So Saturday I brought my knitting to the garden (we had some very hot and sunny weather) and i-corded along.

Last week I showed close-ups of the first three sections. Here's the fourth section. A mystery lace.

As a final touch I had to weave the i-cord through the holes along the border. It's kind of hard to see. I guess this yarn should have been a more popping color after all. But I still like the result.

The final shawl is huge! I think partly because my gauge is off. That was to be expected, since I didn't bother to check it at all. Before I started I figured Mystery Knit Alongs should be fun and relaxed. So I picked up some very cheap acrylic yarn (the whole project cost less then 10 Euro), thinking I could always decide to knit it again in good yarn I I really, really liked the outcome.

I now believe this was the best way to go (for me) and I will probably do this again for another MKAL.
On the forums I've seen so many people being bothered by the thought of spending a lot of money to make something they weren't sure they'd like. I also know there are people waiting to see what the final results are before they decided to make it. But then you miss all the fun of the mystery and the knitting along. There was also concern about the time it took to make it (again, something they weren't sure they'd like), but I think mystery knitalongs really are more about the process than about the result. I hope next time I will be able to participate in the forums instead of just reading them, that would be even more fun.

Anyway, here it is. There are loops of i-cord at both ends, but those don't show up in the pictures.

Did I mention it's huge?

But it's wearable. I like wearing it like this. Maybe I'll actually use it (when it's colder).

Yep, that was fun!

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Mystery knitting along

I'm still working on the MMKAL (Murder Mystery Knit Along). It's really fun. It's turning into something I'd never chosen to knit from a picture, but I even think I might use it every once in a while (I'm not really a shawl person). I learned some new techniques and stitches that I probably will use on other projects and I learned to read a chart.
The story accompanying the patterns is actually very good. Even if you don't want to knit this pattern, you should go and read the narrative. Especially if you're familiar with knitting terms it's a really clever and enticing read.

But... it's a. lot. of. knitting. Really. I thought this would be a side project and I would be knitting hats too, but truth to be told, I'm always behind on clues. I just started clue #4, that came out on Friday. This one isn't that much knitting though, so maybe I will be catching up now.

Anyway. Pictures. Spoilers ahead (so if you want to knit it as a mystery knit along - don't scroll down).

The shawl after I got three chapters done. The fourth chapter starts on the right.

The first section was stripes and wedges. My popping color wasn't popping at all (it's a pastel variegated yarn), but I like the way that works out.

The second section was a very clever basket weave. I would love to make a blanket, pillowcases or bags with this stitch.

The third section was an illusion knit. Horizontal stripes if you look down on it...

Vertical stripes if you look from another angle. Fun!

The fourth section is lace, but I've only got two rows done.

The big question now is: will it end with the lace section, or are the other colors (after every section one color "dies") making a last appearance in a border or something? And of course: who was the killer? Oh, wait, chapter four already gives that away, we just don't know how the story will end yet - chapter four left our friendly P.I. (Slip Knitwise) in a dangerous situation. Have to wait till Friday to see if it all gets solved in the end. Told you it's a fun read ;-)

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47 - lots of candles and other facts

I was out of inspiration for blogposts, so I decided to google the number 47. Why? Well, as of today 47 is my answer to the question: "How old are you?".  I do know that it would make a lot of candles if we did the whole birthday cake with candles thing...

It feels like a weird age. Fifty is getting closer and closer. I'm not young, but I'm also not old. That's why they call it middle aged I guess ;-)
I used to think by now I would be older and wiser, but well, I'm not. Older yes, but wiser? Hmn.

Though I am wise enough to:
1. not to be ashamed of my age
2. be just happy and grateful that I'm alive
3. gift myself a day off. I'm allowing myself to do whatever I want (like writing a blogpost about the number 47) and to postpone the things I don't want to do (laundry).

Wikipedia told me a few interesting facts about 47. I already figured out it's a prime number (I am a bit of a nerd), but I now also know it's a safe prime (that means it's the outcome of 2 times a prime number plus 1).

47 is the atomic number of silver. Rather fitting for this age, I guess. I had my silver hairs dyed last week, but I do have them.

47 is the number of the French department Lot-et-Garonne, which is the only place in France we actually like. We even spent a few vacations there (we have friends that own a chambre d'hotes in Lot).

47 is also an interesting number if you are a Trekkie. I sort of am, but I never knew (or noticed) this:

It turns out 47 is an inside joke at the school (Pomona College) one of the writers attended. He incoorporated it in a few episodes and the other writers joined the fun. It's all over the place.There is even a complete website about the use of 47 in all Star Trek seriesM

Maybe being 47 is going to be fun after all ;-)