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A perfect life

If I imagine how a perfect life would look for me...  Okay, let’s just ignore that this would include being able to visit my family and not feeling so scared all the time. Just focus on the things that I can change.  If I imagine how a perfect life would look for me, I’d be out in the garden a lot, take pride in keeping my house clean, organized and cozy, take a swim every day and spend the rest of my time sewing, knitting, crafting, cooking, baking, making herbal remedies, studying and reading.  Um, so why don’t I?  Okay, I have to spent some time working on my computer every day (or at least a few days a week), but why I can’t choose to do all those other things? Why do I keep coming up with excuses? Are those excuses (most important one: so tired all the time) valid and can I change something about it? Three things I’m going to focus on this month, hoping that this will help me to live that life I’d like to have:   1. Mind my diet. I know what’s best for my body, but my emotional

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