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Banana cookies

So, I made some cookies. And the great thing about these is that I can eat them too (I can't eat sugar and I'd better stay away from gluten as much as possible). The original recipe (you can find that here) is just two ingredients, glutenfree oats and banana. I was feeling adventurous, so I did one cup of oats and 1 cup of glutenfree flower instead of 2 cups of oats. The result? Well, the good thing is that you don't really taste the banana that much (I don't like banana, I never eat them as a fruit). They are kind of chewy when they're fresh and the next day the texture is actually close to real bread, but I like that. Taste wise they'll need a little something extra, I think. The recipe does call for extras like raisins, nuts or chocolat chips and I think that will do the trick.I'll keep working on them and I'll keep you posted until I find the perfect recipe. Meanwhile though, I can't stop eating these. Ahem.

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