Tuesday, July 9, 2019


I will be offline a little bit longer. This afternoon I'm flying to the Netherlands. My mother is not doing well and I'm going to see her before... well, let's hope I'm wrong, but I'm afraid we're losing her.

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Monday, July 1, 2019

A little break


Dropping in to tell you that we've decided to take a little, much needed, break this week. Aside from a few little things that we really need to do, we're going to rest, rest, rest. No work on the house, no more computer work than is really necessary. We're both exhausted and stressed out, so we thought we might as well take it easy while we're waiting for Aqualectra to hook us up. 

See you all next week!
Oh, and happy Dia di Bandera (Flag day - July 2nd) to all on the island and a happy 4th of July to my American readers!
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Friday, June 28, 2019


Though our visit to Aqualectra to apply to be connected to water and electricity went smoothly, we expect that it will take a few weeks to actually get connected. But in the meanwhile, we needed water. There was a big container on the porch when we bought the place, but it was slowly getting drained when I was cleaning, but the guy who is building the new cess pit needs water for the concrete and the cement, and now we were nearing the end of our supply.
So, this morning we drove up to the house with a barrel containing about 100 gallons of water. And then we moved all that water to the big container by hauling buckets twenty meters up the hill and then eight steps up to the porch. Times eight.
And then once again when we filled up another barrel at the apartment. So I guess I had plenty of exercise today...

We were catching our breath after the last bucket when our neighbors came over. Two ladies who just speak Spanish and Papiamentu, while we only speak Dutch and English. But with google translate we managed to find out that they were coming over because T. asked the builders next door to ask her to contact us when she came (she's the sister of the owner and the one that cleans the apartments they rent out) and then we were also able to communicate that we wanted to ask if we could fill up our water supply by buying some water from them (and using the tap and a hose instead of buckets). She had to ask the owner, but it seems we will get water a little easier now.
And we also heard Aqualectra tends to be very quick with water connections, so maybe we'll have our own tap shortly.

This makes me realize more than ever how blessed we are to have running water available. In Africa, there are still lots of villages without water pumps. Women have to walk for hours to haul buckets and jerrycans of water to their homes and they have to do that every day. And we just turn a knob and there it is...
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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Three things on Thursday - to do/doing/done

Three things I had to do today before I could sit down and write a blog post (apart from giving the cat his morning dose of attention):

- go to the Aqualectra office and apply for water and electricity to be connected to the new house. Done!
That went rather smoothly, though we don't know when we actually will be connected. But we are in the system now, so that's a start.
And yes, we had to go there physically. That's how things work here. You go to the office, take a number, wait for at least half an hour (sometimes a few hours, depending on how busy it is) and when it's your turn they get things done. It takes some time, but I like it better than how things were in the Netherlands, where in most cases it's really hard to talk to a real person if you need to take care of things.

- computer work. Partly done
Sent out a press release, answer some e-mails (my publisher needed my permission to make one of my books into an audiobook. Yes!), write a column, promote this week's column. Still have to write the column and this week's column isn't online yet.

- grocery shopping. Decided to postpone that to Saturday.
That is making me nervous because I like to have things prepared and we have a barbecue to go to on Saturday where I'm supposed to bring some food and drinks. But it's probably better to buy the meat fresh and I'm not going to fuss about making something special. They all know we're busy with the house. Maybe I'll just make some chicken/veggie skewers, those are really easy to put together.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Knitting and Reading :: all over the place

I'm all over the place, but there's not much progress. Oh well, sometimes it's like that.
Working on:
- a topdown sweater/tunic, depending on how much yarn I need. I'm knitting it topdown, to make sure I end up with something usable (I'm pretty sure I have enough to knit a sleeveless sweater)
- a scarf
- potholders (still the same pair I was working on last week)

Hmn, all over the place too.
I finished the novel about the girl from CuraƧao. I loved reading it, got me thinking about a lot of things. It's set in the late sixties, early seventies, which was quite a turbulent period here.
Then I found a few simple novels 'for older girls' in the free library and brought a few of them home. I'm actually sad that I didn't bring the other ones too, because I really loved reading them. It was just what I needed. Simple, mindless reading about simpler times and simpler problems. One of them is a keeper though, it's an autobiographic story about a couple moving back from Indonesia to Holland in the fifties. Loved that one! The others will probably go back to the free library. I'm not sure yet.
This morning I started the Sue Grafton novel. I'm not sure if I read this one before, but I reread the older ones often anyway. I love her books! It is the first time I'm reading one in English though, so I'm curious to see if that makes a different experience.
After that, I have two classics lined up. The Hobbit, well, no explanation needed, and De Aanslag, a novel set in WWII. I can't remember if I read it for literature in school, but I do know most of my classmates did. We'll see if I can work up the mood to start reading these. I'm tempted to dig through my boxes and find more simple novels...

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Crafting on :: simply knitting

The last few days I didn't really feel like picking up my knitting. It happens, but I wondered what the reason was.
I had three projects going, but none of them called out to me. This morning, trying to decide which one to take with me to the house, I realized why. None of them were simple. Even the dishcloths require a lot of thinking and deciding, since I'm using scraps, and I'm a bit OCD about matching colors and identical pairs.
I'm also working on a topdown shirt, but I'm making it up as I go and I'm right at the point where I'm working out the sleeves. Not simple at all.
And then there was the scarf I started. Sounds simple enough, but I was planning on making it into a sampler scarf, using my grandmother's patternbook to learn some new stitch patterns. So I got stuck at deciding how big to make the blocks (or rows) and which pattern to use next.
I'm very good at making things hard for myself...
I took the scarf with me and I think it will just be a plain patent stitch scarf. I never did patent stitch before, but I love how easy it is, once you get the hang of it. It's just interesting enough to keep my mind from wandering too far.
(I've been googling it, I think it's the same as brioche, or fisherman's rib - but I don't do purls or yarnovers, just single and double k's.)

I still have a long way to go, but I think this will be perfect for these last weeks of going back and forth to the house.

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Monday, June 24, 2019

Snapshots from the weekend

Our Saturday was spent working on the house, but on Sunday we took a day off and went to the beach. Just the two of us, swimming, talking, resting. It was good. When we came home we napped (yes, really) and then we went to a friend's house for a bbq. 
It was a good, relaxing weekend and I actually feel, more or less, up to facing a new, busy and difficult (my mother is starting treatments) week.
Wishing you all a great week!
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